Sunday, July 17, 2011

Who you gonna call?

When there's Lino to rescue? Betty Jo of course!
I was contacted by Haylee and Marcia (of Red Brick Gallery fame) a while ago telling me about their recently purchased fixer-upper with rooms of vintage lino. So I packed up the boys and headed up to Ballarat.
ballarat house
I helped pull up pieces from each room and now the Ballarat lino is living in my studio waiting be cleaned and fashioned into new creations. Thanks for the invite ladies.A trip to Ballarat is not complete with out a visit to Morgan Will's new shop "The Crafty Squirrel".
Morgan had a box of fantastic red lino offcuts for me from her new floor . In fact I saw a red theme emerging when I looked at my little stash of goodies from the Crafty Squirrel and the Red Brick Gallery. All I can say is Ballarat kicks Crafty butt!


  1. Wow! How lovely of them to contact you.
    Such great patterns - look forward to seeing what you create with them.

  2. Very happy story. Winners all round!

  3. oh and newspaper under the lino too, to date when that layer was laid♥ perfect


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