Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach Detritus

My good Flicker friend "Urban Woodswalker" left a comment on my Instant Collections pic the other day."LOVE art making materials! but I MISS your beach detritus....These look too clean and perfect! "
Well yes they do look clean, maybe not perfect, but definitely unblemished by sea and sand.
And YES, I missed my beach fossicking too. It's been too wintery to venture to the beach to partake in a spot of beach combing of late, but yesterday the sun was shining and the flotsam and jetsam at Williamstown Beach was calling my name........
Rainbow Flotsam & Jetsam #2
"Rainbow Flotsam & Jetsam #2" 2011
Curious to see the difference two years can make. Practically none as far as I can see. I think I even found another bit of the same red comb (top right hand corner in both pics!) and can you spot a Cyclax red lippy (top pic) that's got to be from the 50's.


  1. Just fascinating! I particularly like the bit of Christmas tree, barbie doll coat hanger and whizz fizz spoons!

  2. Amazing! greetings from Poland!


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