Saturday, August 13, 2011

Delivery Day!

Yesterday was delivery day. A day for dropping off Betty Jo goodies to lovely stockists new and old.
First stop, "Salvage and Selvage" in Fitzroy, the just opened, creative enterprise of Andria of "Shagpile" fame. Go and have a look at the beautiful space she has created and give this new shop some crafty love!
Next stop was pink Karim in Fairfield.The Floral Flying Ducks from last post are now happily settled in their pretty new home. I snapped a quick pic. of some Betty Jo goodies already on display. Loving the Nana style china tea cups and doily.
Then it was time to visit The Curious Oyster Shoppe , the fantastic crafty oasis in up-town Thornbury. Topped up the Betty Jo stock and caught up with Annaliese just home from her world travels.
I did manage to squash in some op shopping too. Because it's been a while and most of you know what op shopping withdrawal feels like! My favorite find was this cute cup and saucer.Cup and Saucer


  1. your stock looks amazing as always, and what a great Op Shop find♥

  2. I'd love to get an owl for my daughter! I'll work on that!

  3. That's so funny! I was up visiting Annaliese on Fri as well -- between about 2.15 and 3.15. She's looking very relaxed.
    Having major trouble with my blogger blog since Google thinks I'm using the email address of someone who's connected with ''. It's US! but Google can't seem to work that out. My hubby says I need to start it again. :o( Can't log into it at all even though it's still all there.
    Love your op shop find. I don't know of any up that way. Are you willing to share your secret op shop locations??!


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