Monday, August 15, 2011

Things I do......

Things I do in no particular order:
Make handmade stuff, recycle, swear, get sticky, sell stuff, work fricken hard to keep one step ahead, get lonely, get elated, almost give up, feel proud, go op-shopping......
Rosalinda Lino and vintage Mary Janes
Then when I have come home from the op shop with some pretty vintage Mary Janes and also find that a lovely friend has donated some lino*......I smile.
*I am calling this lino the Rosalinda lino after the donater. That makes me the donatee!


  1. Love it! I just want a room full!

  2. Gorgeous lino and lovely shoes too!

  3. I adore this pic...
    I love you reminds me of me...I think we do have a lot in common...
    I do think you go to thrifter op shops than me thou...
    But I am heading to warm places very soon...and hoefully a place where the op shops are the size of supermarkets...can't wait...

  4. Thanks for the shoe and lino love!
    Hey Michelle,I went to a supermarket size op shop today. It had trollies. It was SAVERS!!
    Glad you identify with the list....where are you going that is warm????

  5. Love the lino! Love the shoes! I'd be pretty happy with those tights (socks?) too! What a great pic. It really is the simple things that make life grand. I just came home from the local op with 3 beautiful vintage blankets. All pure wool. All made in Australia and one says " make 'goodnight' a certainty". Too nice to cut up , I think they've found a home in the blanket box. Perfect for picnicking, now that picnicking weather is officially here. Happy first day of Spring. x


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