Sunday, September 4, 2011

Art Attack

Saturday was a day full of creative energy and arty goings on. The dynamic peeps from the Contemporary Sculpture Association organised an amazing event they are calling "24 hr Sculpture People". The Yarra Sculpture Gallery was full of found, discarded, salvaged and recycled materials and was opened up to friends and associates to come and make for 24 hrs.
24 hr Sculpture People
On the way there I picked up two broken wardrobe doors from the side of the road, and with the help of a few nails and glue I made these three panels. I was happy to find some of my favorite things available for re purposing. Pre-loved toys, laminex chips, old tins and crafty bric-a-brac.
There are people there creating right now and all work created will be exhibited in the gallery for three weeks.Alas I could only manage 4 hrs not 24 as I had to race off to the opening of The Brunswick Show with my friend Kerry Strauss, glass artist extraordinaire. If you get the time to visit the show in the basement of the amazing Gothic style Donkey Wheel House (at the Spencer St end of Bourke St ) you'll discover an eclectic mix of over 100 Brunswick based artists in every conceivable style and medium.
Kerry's work in the show is created from kiln fired recycled glass, that melts into beautiful shapes and drips.Here's a blurry pic of the Bird O' Paradise in the hazy depths that is the basement space.

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