Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feeling Blue?

This Owl Clock is feeling a bit blue. He was counting on the sky to be blue like his body today, but there ain't no blue , just grey. He is even sporting some blooms...because it is SPRING right!
Now I'm off to put on a jumper.
See you on the other side of the grey. The Sunny Side!
I LOVE this song :)


  1. Maybelle Carter is the best guitarist ever - you know she originated the pick and strum style after teaching herself guitar as a child? She played the banjo originally and translated the technique over to guitar. She is so under credited for her guitar work and often played on recordings without a mention, notably on later Jimmie Rodgers recordings. OKay. Enough of my ravings now. Ooh. Think I'll go listen to some of the "Singing Brakeman's" yodeling now.

  2. What a fun clock! It makes me smile! ~Val


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