Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey kids, what shall we do in the school holidays.....?
Shall we go and feed the Head Butty goats living down at the Merri Creek?And shall we go and explore the abandoned House ?Creative kids might like some arty activities a Heide Museum of Modern Art.
Inspired by the current exhibition "Sculpture and Painted Relief" this Tuesday I will be running an assemblage workshop where kids will construct picture collages using found everyday objects.
Charlie and I had fun playing around with ideas!
Junky Collages
I'm looking forward to raiding the Reverse Garbage stash and getting creative with the glue guns!
This is one of my favorite pieces in the exhibition by Mike Brown called "Christmas Present 1963".I know the Royal Melbourne Show will definitely be on the agenda. Animals, rides, show bags, FUN!You might even see this high diving dude again!
What have you got planned for the holidays?


  1. Hi, thought I should mention I posted about your necklaces on my blog, hope that's ok, I linked back to your post about them

  2. Planning a quiet holiday here, a bit of maiking. Your class will be great fun.


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