Friday, September 23, 2011

Etsy Buzz

The Etsy planets aligned last night. There I was mingling and chatting and giving a little presentation at the Etsy Australia Meet and Greet at Salvage and Selvedge (big claps for Kirsteen for organising such a great night, so friendly, welcoming and reaffirming!)
At the same time over in Etsy land the cogs were turning in my relatively stagnant Etsy shop and I experienced a mad rush on the Bunting Crazy necklaces.
Bunting "Crazy" Necklace
Well it was mad for my usually pretty sluggish shop! There must have been an Etsy buzz in the air.
There are more being made as we speak so you won't miss out!
I'm liking this cool vintage pennant bunting on etsy, especially the comment in the description...... "Amazing and absolutely one-of-a-kind handmade vintage bunting banners made from vintage felt tourist pennants. I THINK I JUST BLEW MY OWN MIND!"
They remind me of my pennants which now live in our loungeroom! Just as mind blowing eh?
Pennant Bunting!

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