Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Out and about on a Sunny Sunday.......
Sad red chairs. Not the choicest of nature strip booty. Drive on by Liz. No wait, there is a nice wooden table a bit further down with a laminex top. As I was putting it in the back of the car the guy who put it out smiled and said thanks! Thanks to those of us that see the value in reclaiming unwanted stuff!
Popped into my folks for a visit and swooned over Dad's multi coloured blossom. Pale pink blossoms with green leaves and magenta blossoms with red leaves all sprouting happily from the same tree. And no grafting on this baby. It's just a sweet freak of nature.
Then a pit stop at the High Noon Festival in Northcote to see my current favorite band doing a three piece set. Ron S Peno = Melbourne's own indie Steptoe.
Rhino was looking a bit miffed at all the hipsters.

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  1. Was great to see you - fleetingly - at High Noon today ! How awsome was that festival ???
    Have a great week, Dee x


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