Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bunting Crazy!

You like Bunting, I like Bunting, we all like Bunting! The craft world has been a little Bunting crazy this year! Search for "Bunting Necklace "on Etsy and you get 244 items.
But search for "Lino Bunting Necklace' and you get "We didn't find anything" .....until now!
Bunting "Crazy" Lino Necklaces
Thanks to these strands of gorgeous bunting custom made by Curly Pops for Gleaners Inc. I was inspired to whip up a few strands myself to celebrate, well, stuff!
Vintage Fabric Bunting
So now these Betty Jo Bunting "Crazy" Lino Necklaces are at a super bargain price on Etsy so we can all go Bunting crazy!


  1. Oh ! I love the bunting necklace !
    I just sent the etsy link to my partner, a not so subtle Christmas suggestion !!

  2. This is gorgeous!!
    Like babygalah I was going to email my partner and suggest it would be a great birthday present, but then worried I would miss out if I waited , so bought one for myself!!!

  3. Hi! I am just delurking for the first time ! I think Yumi Stynes on The Circle in Channel 10 is wearing one of your birdies on her neck today !! Its beautiful !

  4. Hi KR , I had a quick peek and alas it wasn't Betty Jo. It was cute though!


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