Friday, December 23, 2011

Another Distraction

I am the queen of late adopters. Call me Queen "not another thing to distract me" Liz. But like moss on a damp rock Instagram is growing on me. How about you?
I dabbled with it in Winter at the park, but didn't quite get with the program.
But now I think I'll be pulling out the iphone a little too often if I don't watch out!
From top left: "I Still Call Australia Home"brooches, Liz in the studio, Far out fairy lights in Preston, Take Me I'm Yours Fairy, Flying Duck brooch, Wooden Colour Block necklaces.

1 comment:

  1. I haven't jumped on board with it yet either. I've played a little. I wonder how people have time for all the different social media outlets that are out there. Well I wonder how they have time to get any work down. I am constantly 'inspiration overloaded'!


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