Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking back....Betty Jo Designs in 2011

2011 was a hotchpotch year of randomness for Betty Jo Designs. There was no new "range" as such but these odd designs turned out to be some of my best sellers. From top left:
1.Tutti Frutti Brooches 2. Flying Wall Ducks 3. Bunting Crazy Necklaces
4. Colour Block Necklaces 5. I Still Call Australia Home brooch 6. Bird of Paradise (largest piece made so far)
7. Sew Far Sew Good brooches 8. Lino Hex brooches 9. Colour Kitten brooches
Lino Geo-Metric
I also had fun making the Geo-Metric Brooches and Necklaces.
2011 was certainly "The Year of Colour"
Beach Rainbows
My Beach Plastic Collections went viral all over the net............Tutti Frutti
............and I didn't stop making my Colour Collages.
Thanks for coming along for the ride this year.
Here's to 2012...may it be filled with more Fun, Colour and Craftin'


  1. It was great to get to know you better this year! I love my flying ducks. Still can't decide on the best place to hang them, but they're unpacked and loved.

  2. Wow! So much brilliance in one year!!!


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