Sunday, January 1, 2012

Moving forward...Win a Betty Jo "Hybrid"

What's on the horizon for 2012 in Betty Jo land?
I have been thinking about making a range of "Hybrid" animals for a while, so because 2012 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon and I love donkies..... I give you my first new design for the year.
"The Dranky".
(You can chuckle all you want.... I can't hear you!) I'm now opening up the Lino Forest comments forum to take some more suggestions for quirky hybrids ! And the one I choose will WIN a Betty Jo Hybrid of their very own!

Pantone's colour of 2012 is "Tangerine Tango"! According to Pantone" Tangerine tango ,a spirited reddish orange, provides the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward."
Yay to that! As I have been having a deep and meaningful love affair with orange for many years I'm pleased to see it's thrown off it's reputation as a seventies blah colour! I tend to surround myself with it!And will continue doing so in 2012!


  1. Eleraffe? Two of my favourite African animals (elephant and giraffe)... the design may be tricky, but interesting to say the least. Such fun! All the best for 2012. Kelly

  2. PIE in the SKY CreationsJanuary 1, 2012 at 9:44 PM

    What about a Fossum? Fox head with a gorgeous possum ringtail.Happy New Year!

  3. I can picture an owlfish - top half owl, bottom half fish. A little bit like a mermaid owl too if you get what I mean?

  4. oooh the cutest dranky i've ever bout a uniko...unicorn head on koala body....

  5. My two favourite animals since I was girl have always been giraffes and lamas... (I must have a thing for long necks) so perhaps a "gir-lama" (maybe in pajamas coming down the stairs)...


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