Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Message of Love"

Rubbish Rainbows
The other day I noticed this new comment on my set of Rubbish Rainbows pics on Flickr:
"I don't know you, but I love you."
I'm taking it in an honest way and not a stalkerish or creepy way!
I consider myself very fortunate that I have never had any yucky comments or messages on my blogs and other websites. Not even about my sometimes dodgy spelling/grammar!
I do recall one guy making a snide remark when my beach plastic pics were on Cymbacon :
"So Betty Jo got herself a book on the British artist Tony Cragg and thought: “Hey, these are neat, how about I just rip his work off and pretend it’s my original idea – today’s hipsters won’t know anyway?” .
I quickly googled Tony Cragg and yes, I can see where this dude was coming from. And I quite liked his turn of phrase.
But as far I can tell it's been Nicey,Nicey in my internet world. Phew, I can't abide moody, rude or totally unhelpful criticism!
I know it goes on and several upbeat and generous bloggers have had their share of nasty pasty commenters. Crabby, Be-achy, Mean people should put their typing fingers away and just get on with it!
There will be no negative Nellies allowed to have the chalk with my New "Message of Love" Owls.
But messages involving chocolate, kittens, massages, hugs, meetings at cafes or tickets to New Order will be highly regarded!
"Message of Love" Lino Owl


  1. Well I know you (a bit) and I love you too, no creepiness there .

  2. i love this post, love the pics, love the sentiment x


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