Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's new Pussycat!

A lovely customer ordered these ducks after she visited a clairvoyant who told her "this year, things in your life will fall into place like flying ducks"{or words to that effect} .
new flying ducks!
Thanks to this .....
I needed to make more of these! Get your own here or from Lord Coconut.
"I Still Call Australia Home" brooches

I found a seat for the gnomes at Gleaners Inc. from the bountiful nature strips of West Preston!seat for gnomes
And I've organised some workshops at Gleaners Inc.
"Make your own Colour Collection Shadow Boxes with collected bric-a-brac in all the colours of the rainbow." Visit here for bookings: Gleaners Inc.
Colour Collection Shadow Box

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  1. Hi! Your Australia brooches are fabulous! Think I might have to put one on my wish list :)
    Cheers, Trudy


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