Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lino Craftin'

These retro coasters have been jazzed up Betty Jo style. They are called "Apple Cider" coasters for those who like to imbibe the once daggy , but now very  hipster drink.
Me and cider don't relate, but I LOVE apple style homewares and the thought of keeping your table top tidy!
            This new Sugar Skull Clock has obviously been up partying all night! Those pink rimmed eyes are a dead giveaway! DEAD GIVEAWAY get it ...haha.

 Yesterday I started playing around with a tropical parrot. Today he is finished ready to hang on the wall at Gleaners Inc. 
Our little shop is getting to be quite the avairy, with birds still a popular crafty motif. After the spoof on bird craft died down, the bird trend seems to have bounced back even stronger, with birdy prints adorning many Spring/Summer collections  this year. Go the bird! 
I think I will name this fellow "Squawk"


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    1. The coastersare for sale from Gleaners Inc.


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