Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Orange "Magic Mood" Dress

Cam and I are both lucky enough to own a "Magic Mood" {my made up name} Orange Lace Polly Pratt Dress.
Notice how they change colour depending on our a Mood Ring!
Cam and I have an texting arrangement so we don't  turn up to a crafty event both wearing our dresses.
Cam thinks she is channelling Ita Buttrose, or theseswinging 60's babes.
But I think we may have stolen  my Crissy doll's look!


  1. So funny! I really need to find myself some orange shoes now.

  2. That's funny I have red/orange top that does the same thing! Very cool


  3. I so badly wanted a Crissy doll when I was young my cousin had one and I really really wanted one was her younger sister the blonde one was she called Piper?

  4. That is EXACTLY what I thought when I saw Cam's post !!! I still have Crissy and her dress!


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