Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Lino Whisperer.....

 My internet friend Karen from Tokmonsta used these words to describe me after I posted a picture of my latest gleaned item from a Northcote nature strip.
The top step of this cute stepladder was covered in ugly contact, but when I peeled it off some very funky lino was revealed! Lino has a habit of finding me I reckon.
And just look at my latest doily haul. I will also now answer to "The Doily Whisperer".
This bluebird of happiness embroidery is my fave. I have promised to give it to a talented doily repurposer when she next visits Gleaners Inc. That's you Ms.Middlemost!
  It didn't take me long to get chopping and use some of the pretty stash to adorn my latest Blue Eyed Skull.

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