Saturday, August 11, 2012

Boomerang Craft.

Today I'm talking about Boomerang Craft. But not the craft of making and adorning boomerangs. 
 I'm  talking about those little creations that you send out into the world ( wisely or not) and come back to you after a time in  mysterious ways. 
For example, when I was living in Sydney I found a necklace I had made in a shop in King St. Newtown. It was a piece I had made and sold in another shop in the same street several years earlier. When I asked about it the shop lady said she had bought it at Bondi markets. The good news was that she asked for more of my jewellery and I scored a new stockist!
Back in Melbourne I found these earrings I had made over 7 years ago in Brunswick Salvos.
I bought them and now wear them all the time!
 I made this mosaic trivet in the mid 90's. I'm not sure were it went after I made it. I think I gave it to an opshop years ago, but just last week I found it on the shelf in Brunswick Savers! I also bought it back because it was only $2.99...BARGAIN!
 And what I consider to be the best Boomerang story concerns the brooch pictured on my friends jacket. It was sold in one of my Melbourne stockists about 7 years ago .
But, the unfortunate brooch (is it a hippo?, is it a chimp?, no it's a hip-chimp) was found by my friend while she was sorting donated goods for the  Brotherhood Op-shop were she worked.
Yes, it was in the skip, still on it's card (so no mistaking it's mine) and found by my friend.
It was a particularly Bad brooch so no hard feelings previous owner. 
Do you have a boomerang craft story? Did it have a happy ending ? 


  1. I love this. The world is a funny place.

  2. I was witness to one. I was on a stall next to Cherry Stew ( who makes the most adorable screenprinted and appliqued girl dresses. A market visitor said she'd once seen six of those dresses, tags still on, for sale at an op shop. Madeleine of Cherry Stew was flabbergasted - at the first market she'd ever done, many years before, she'd had six dresses stolen from her stall. Even though she didn't get them back, she was very glad to know the fate of her dresses, and that an op shop eventually benefitted.

    1. Great ending to a crappy story. Maybe the thief felt guilty. I know Madeleine's fantastic work. I own one of her cushions.

  3. I love that these have found their way back to you.
    Cracker of a story with Madeleine's gorgeous dresses above too !!!!

  4. Years go my friend and i ran a craft gallery and we made a line of childrens dress-ups. They were really awesome, we designed them well and made 'em tough! Well a little while ago I came across one of our "cowboy" get-ups - chaps and vest - in an oppie. I was blown away because we haven't been making them for over 10 years and although this one had clearly been worn, it was still in good nick, no seams undoing or fraying fringe at all. I was dead impressed and hope it got to go off to a new home for another decade of fun!


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