Sunday, August 5, 2012

Like a Rainbow

Rubbish Rainbows
It's been over a year since my images of collected beach plastic rainbows popped up all over the internet. They went viral after appearing on Junk Culture and Craftzine in 2011 and it's nice to know they are still being appreciated.
Apparently the middle picture of Elwood beach plastic was to be published in the latest issue of Mollie Makes. If you have a copy can you confirm this as I know in publishing sometimes there isn't room for every planned photo.
A book publisher from HongKong is using a few images in their latest publication to be called "COLOUR" and just this morning I was asked by the World Resources Forum Association if they can use one of my Rubbish Rainbow images on their latest poster.
Apart from a few gift cards I made from these images, I have not or will not receive a cent from the publication of my Rubbish Rainbows. I like to think my most popular product has been more of a gift to society and I'm totally happy with that.
Making money has never been my aim with these images, who would have thought when I was at the beach filling bags with litter that these little pieces of refuse would spread so far!

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  1. Congratulations on finding beauty in the discarded and forgotten things. If more of us could find the spaces & time to really look around us and find inspiration in the small things that surround us everyday, boundless talents could be tapped and art would abound. You're an inspiration. Well done.


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