Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kitty Cat Love!

It's all about Kitties at Betty Jo headquaters right now.
We brought home a cheeky little unwanted kitty called Chi-cha last weekend (bottom right). She is a little rascal but so pretty.
I found an old pic. of me and our  sweet Frida. I am wearing my fake fur "Frida" coat which I loved...alas we no longer have Frida, and the coat has gone too.
Lily bought home this awesome kitty hand knit with cats climbing up the sleeves and paw prints all over the back. We have voted to keep it ( and not sell it in the shop as was first planned) as it's just too good.
I also found this pic of a kitty shrine I made a while ago. I reckon if a girl makes a shrine to cats she automatically fits into the crazy cat lady category.
If you look closely at this pic of my kitchen you can see my drawings of our favorite old cats Frida and Rastas.
You might have realised I love CATS!

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