Saturday, September 1, 2012

Making Time.

Although the running of a shop takes up a lot of my day, I still make time for custom orders and making Betty Jo goodies for my lovely stockists.
Bettina from Pussycat Black has been requesting a Sugar Skull clock for her awesome shop for a while...and now it's done!
Last week I was contacted by an Etsy customer who was very upset that her Betty Jo Cuckoo Clock brooch had been stolen along with a bunch of other stuff. I had actually discontinued this design, but I'm all for doing a favour, so another brooch is now ready. 
One of my  favorite stockists, Nici from Blackbird Corner spied the new Hearts a Flutter necklaces on Facebook and promptly shot through an order. Several just made necklaces are now happily living in Newcastle.
Thank you everyone who orders Betty Jo Designs and gives this girl a reason to be crafty. 
I know there is a lot to say in favour of making just for the love of it, but when craft is your livelihood and it's your full time job, you need to keep the making FUN and profitable.
I design things I hope other people love. I don't make them ridiculously expensive as I'm more interested in my work being affordable and accessible. I guess I'll never be rolling in money, but I do love what I'm doing. You can't really ask for more than that.

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  1. To love what you are doing and to be able to scrape by is a great thing...mind you a lotto win would also be a great thing. The Sugar skull is awesome!


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