Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello from Betty Jo.

 Hello from me. It's been a bit patchy on the old blog of late. I have been a busy gal as usual, so when I had half an hour up my sleeve last week  I popped into Brunny Savers and picked up this very useful shadow box. When I posted this pic.on Facebook a reader commented, "I saw one of these in Savers yesterday... I nearly bought it!" I wonder if she now has shadow box regret?
 I also picked up this set of  sweet Japanese coffee cups. I still haven't been bothered to get the Savers stickers off...... if I had a spare hour or two I may just get it done. Savers has the stickiest stickers in all opshop land!
 It's been crazy town at our place while my big girl madly finishes her Year 12 Art and Fashion folios.The debris of 2 all nighters is pictured on our dining table. Unlike me she is a last minute gal. Where did that gene come from? It is a stress inducing habit that I do not like. Not at all. I need a holiday and I wasn't even doing V.C.E.
 Last weekend was the annual Spensley Street School fete. There are always bargains to be had, like these Betty Jo brooches I spotted going super cheap at the craft stall.
 I picked up a crate of Fowlers jars at the fete and was  wondering what I could do with them, other than bottling fruit! This decorated tea light holder is my first project. There will be more to come as I have 40 jars to play with!!!!
I have also been busy getting a few more skulls ready for our Day of the Dead Celebration at Gleaners Inc.
The show will be running from November 2nd to November 30th. Everyone is invited to the opening night on November 9th from 5.30pm.
xx Liz aka Betty Jo

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