Monday, November 19, 2012

Markit in your Diaries.

 Betty Jo will be having a stall at Markit @Fed Square on Sunday November the 25th....that's next Sunday!
She will be also bringing some gorgeous goodies from her Gleaners Inc. friends.
Here are some "Vintage Nostalgia" items you will find at Markit 
 1. Illustration on vintage ceramic plates, Gretel Girl. 2. Owl Clock, Betty Jo Designs.
3. Vintage Blocks, Paper Scissors Block.
4. The Kinder Case, Trunk and Orderly
5. Jewellery with vintage fabrics, Madz Has Runaway. 6. Diary, Rebound Books.
 ( Betty Jo, Block Scissors Paper and Madz Has Runaway are also stocked at Gleaners Inc.!)

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