Friday, March 8, 2013

Pineapples are Sweet!

This weather eh! It's flippin uncomfortable and well and truly worn out it's welcome.
As I mentioned on Facebook the other day, if anyone denies Global Warming exists to my face I might be tempted to sock em' good!!!
One of the nice things about a summery climate is the yummy fruit, and now that I've scored myself a turbo juicer it's thirst quenching, healthy drinks all round. My sweetest fruits for juicin' are mangoes, strawberries and pineapples. Predictable I know, but they are so cheap and delicious this time of year.
Pineapples seem to be (or were) the funky friend of the stylist and have been poppin' up here and there in designery land. People have even invented tags such as #pineapplesarethenewblack and #pineapplesarethenewmoustach.  
We love all things pineapple and stock these stylish pineapple tea cosies and string dispensers at Gleaners Inc. by Eril from Ruby Jayne.

I have also made a few pineapple brooches. The top guy was sold the other day to a cute hipster boy who was buying it for his girlfriend. Damn I witness the sweetest things in this biz!!
I'm very much into copper enameling and am loving this Queensland souvenir dish to bits!
 This pineapple boy moneybox may have been somewhat of an inspiration for the brooches...also available at Gleaners Inc.
So here's to the coolest of fruits!

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  1. really enjoyed your Piece of Cloth exhibit this week, and am loving the Pineapple craze. May be my new favourite collectable.


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