Monday, December 23, 2013

Signing off for 2013!

Well that's almost it for another year. A year of big highs and annoying lows, business and artful juggling, plans and ideas ( some fruitful, others not so), decisions made, minds changed. Just your normal  roller- coaster ride on the Big Dipper of life.
In my creative life I made a couple of good decisions. Making these Maps of Australia for the wall was one!
 Going with my friend Lois to the salvage this amazing lino also proved to be a wise move, as I have been able to incorporate it into loads of Betty Jo goodies this year!
Like these Flying Ducks, ordered by a lovely man as a Chrissy gift for his vintage lino loving wife! 
And of course brooches...oodles of brooches!
And to continue the Christmas tradition, I made a limited number of wreaths for all seasonal persuasions!
Best wishes for Christmas and here's to a great 2014! 


  1. Just as well you have the stomach for roller-coasting Betty Jo! The maps of Australia are brilliant - because YOU are brilliant! Looking forward to more of your wonderful creativity in 2014!

  2. We all need to be a bit brilliant cause we're in the "Crafty Mum Club" and we are the best multitaskers in the WORLD!


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