Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hellooo 2014!

Happy New Year Groovers!
The year started pretty slowly at Betty Jo Headquarters. Studio pottering, not really focused on any one thing......until yesterday. I was scrolling through instagram and happened to notice several crafty friends vintage fabric stashes all neatly sorted and colour coded. Wouldn't some of these fabricy bits make pretty bunting I thought ( it's hard not to think of bunting when you are sitting in a shop FULL of it!). Then I glanced over to my higgledy-piggledy pile of lino and *Bing* (that's the light globe switching on) I set to and made the Betty Jo version of  pretty vintage Bunting. 
 It is 160cm long with eight vintage lino flags linked together with jump rings and finished each end with an 18cm chain. It would be perfect for a kitchen, patio, verandah, or anywhere really! It even looks alright hanging out in the scout hall that is my lounge room.
 And it's pretty hardy so would cope with the elements outdoors as well. You can get your own custom made Bunting from my Etsy store or my real life shop Gleaners Inc. 

After the success of my Lino Bunting necklaces, I'm hoping this bigger bunting will appeal to the same vintage loving peeps!!!!

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