Monday, October 1, 2007

The Powerful Owl

Owls have been getting a bit of press lately. This powerful owl chick was born in a man made nesting box in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. This has generated a lot of excitement with owl lovers and environmentalists. These owls are known to prey on bats, possums and the odd cat!
Its interesting how the crafted owl phenomenon is still going strong after two or more years.
I am grateful that the owl is loved by so many people, as it is my favorite piece to make.
I thought owls may have become "so last season", and, in the upper echelons of design, this is definitely so. But the owls mystique and strong, recognisable image keeps its popularity from waning. Just this week I have an order for a dozen owl brooches and pendants.

Recently I was browsing through the paper, and as always, I check out peoples jewellery.
Although I almost needed a magnifying glass to see it, I saw a Betty Jo owl pendant on this girl from the ad. I like these unexpected surprises.


  1. Unexpected but delightful. I'll send you email re: the lino.

  2. I remember macrame owls being the big thing with the mums when I was in primary school (in the 70's) Mum made hers so that it was perched on a gnarly branch. Wonder if there is a photo with it in the backround?

  3. Look at my post "Owl Plague" for a piccie of my very 70's macrame owl on a weathered branch!

  4. He is adorable with his fluffy eyes! Yay for 70s Craft! Yay for Mums! Yay for Owls!

  5. OMG you have very good eye sight!!
    love the blog, congrats!



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