Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lupa And Juno

Dropped of some new jewellery to Lupa in High St. Westgarth yesterday. Lupa houses a totally made and designed in Melbourne collection of clothing, jewellery and accessories. Their ethos is simple- "Design as a reflection of place", and this is demonstrated by their amazing range of eclectic, Melbourne flavoured fashion.
Then went to the refurbished Art Deco Westgarth cinema just down the road to see "Juno", with my 13 year old.
A really great film, well cast and art directed and with a script full of quirky teen speak that could have turned out to be somewhat cringe worthy, but luckily the lead actress, Ellen Page, pulled it off superbly. A brilliant "Mother and Daughter" movie!

Betty Jo images from "Moose Art for Living"


  1. The designs look lovey!

    I saw Juno the other night and it is a rather sweet film. I know what you mean about the language as well! I wish more teenagers spoke like that rather than the way a lot of them currently speak, well the ones I taught anyway!

  2. Thanks anna laura,
    I have taught some teenagers with such rotten language, it began to wash over me and I began not to notice it. My daughter convinced me that some kids she knows do talk like Juno...I've yet to meet any.


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