Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Day of Surprises!

Although I have lived in Melbourne's Inner North for many years, I still manage to stumble across new places in the 'hood. After a quick visit to Brunswick Spotlight (where surprisingly, my visa card worked after years of "no sorry, transaction cancelled, must be the magnetic thingy"), I went to peruse the Baptist op-shop around the corner. In the past I have always scored well in the doilies and button department, but today I almost walked right past as it had morphed into this..........The day has now arrived where a once modest oppy has well and truly jumped on the eco bandwagon. It's a good thing I suppose, although the regular elderly saleslady was looking both bewildered and slightly crotchety with this somewhat radical change (the prices have gone way up and the old stock has all but disappeared). I did managed to find a cute birdy tapestry which became this brooch......Then finally made it to "Birdie Num Nums" cafe in Nicholson St. Nth Carlton, a haven for parents with a big sandpit and toys out the back in the courtyard, great coffee and cake, and even greater tables and chairs!
I am now on a mission to find a vintage 50's kitchen table and chairs like this set at Birdie NumNum's!

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  1. OMG!! Love the table! And the birdie brooch too. Why is it that people think if they put the word eco infront of things they can double the price? Not what I would call sustainable, harumf!


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