Friday, April 4, 2008

Rockin Robots

Toys, Toys, Toys......even before the offspring arrived I collected toys , but now I like to look at them in a new light. The 5yo is going through a robot adoring phase, he takes his big hard plastic robot toy to bed, even though it could start walking ,talking and flashing at any time. I've got a thing for the vintage robot toys from the 50's , and, with my inspiration juices flowing, I came up with this guy... "Gadget the Robot" lino brooch.
Then I thought, would other people like robot jewellery? Whats out there in Etsy land?
And look what I found.......a brilliant label called "LoveFromHettyandDave" with super cute brooches and dolls hand stitched in leather, like this pink robot.The designer even sent a customized brooch to Amy Winehouse.
The paparazzi snapped Amy wearing it to visit her beau Blake in jail.... you can't beat that for top exposure!
I want a personalized "Baz" brooch just like Amy. I won't be wearing it on jail visits though, maybe just up to the local shops for a bottle of sav blanc!


  1. YAY I love robots - it looks awesome!

  2. Wow - sometimes your creativity blows me away. I SO love this robot - he really 'speaks' to me! (OK, I meant that metaphorically obviously, although I bet if he really DID speak to me it would be in a cool monotone robot voice :P)

  3. We're big fans of all things robot in our house! I love yours.
    Just discovered you from, also love the flying ducks, very cute :)

  4. hello...thanks for your nice blog comment...and yours just made me smile many happy smiles...and i know zoe from hetty and dave quite should see the dolls she makes..they are incredible..have a great day. x


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