Sunday, April 6, 2008

Light Up!

These candles were a present to myself from "Douglas and Hope". The shapes are reminiscent of two faux wooden figurines I had as a girl. After Earth Hour last Saturday, most candles at our place have turned into drippy waxy stumps, but even if there is the most darkest of blackouts , I won't be lighting these guys.
Cathy Hope from "Douglas and Hope" is now blogging about the gorgeous things in the two shops, so have a look and dare yourself not to be tempted.
Unfortunately Cathy's latest post mentions she is a bit nervous about putting up pictures of her quilts in case there are copy cats out there.
I hope this quandary that many of us are facing won't stop all the amazing crafters from showing us pictures of their gorgeous creations.
As I've gathered from quite a few blogs of late "imitation" is everywhere, but no-one is finding it very flattering. More un-nerving and disconcerting.
All I can stress is "Original" is best! (and definitely check the label for place of origin)These brooches are labeled "Betty Jo, Made in Melbourne Australia with love" so there is no mistaking them (I hope).


  1. The little scotty dog is adorable!

  2. The story about the woman in the shop is really very scary. I don't know what I would have done. I discovered someone selling little badges just like my ladies on Etsy, and at first I laughed in shock, but a few hours later I feel pretty angry at the whole thing. It is nice to see people supporting other people though!

  3. The birds! Beautiful! Please tell me they are headed to the Hive in Canberra, or else to some shop in Melbourne so I can haunt them next week when I am visiting!

    That is so sad about D&H not wanting to post their quilts due to copying. But totally understandable. And I agree with you - copying is not flattery, and it is very creepy.

    And thirdly, thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog!

  4. These candles are so cute and the brooches are fabulous. Thanks for showing us these beautiful things :)


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