Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On the Weekend.......

I spent some time playing with these very lovely buckles, some have already been Betty Joified!

I enjoyed looking at my new swappies and matching them up with some brooches.I smiled at these cuties peeping out Lily's window...
And Charlie and I (with Claude Cat) resurrected my long neglected vegie garden. The soil had been dug over with compost for at least two years so it was high time to get it going. So if the frost, the snails and the neighbourhood furry critters behave themselves, I'll have pumpkins, zucchinis, peas, spinach, carrots, tomatoes and strawberries to harvest. Green fingers crossed.


  1. good luck with the veggies, our winterharvest is still frozen in the ground:)Are you interested in donations of cool old buckles?

  2. I had to click on the pic of your little one to see if it was real ....everything in that scene including adorable child looked like a miniature. But no, it truly is a real child! wonderful scene!

  3. Way to go with the vege's. We have a patch and i try really hard but sometimes I end up with more compost. I just got an early and late harvest blueberries so I am excited to see how they go.

    On another thread you are so so talented, I am in awe, keep up the awesome work.

  4. love the kewpie dolls i use to have one a few years back but i think it is lost in the cosmos of moving to much..


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