Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I heart Orange

I can't deny it! (so if you can't deal with orange, maybe stay at the front door)


  1. has never been my "cup of tea"
    have to say i feel the same about blue and now burgundy is up there with the canisters my last house i had a entire room"very large luckerly" painted in seemed to scare people sometimes.really don't know why it felt very warm and made a huge room much cozier...

  2. Oh Betty Jo, what a friendly bunch you've collected. A few items look familiar, I think their siblings have popped up in my life! I'm also quite fond of orange...

  3. Oh I love your post! I didn't have ANY oranges in the house, and the mandarins were looking a bit sad! I think I'll be doing a few more of these posts though!

  4. i love warhol, orange annnnnd your work. is your gorgeous stuff at craft qld??

  5. I love orange tooo
    Even started a blog recently on it!


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