Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's a Plan!

Plan. Drive to semi rural outskirts of Melbourne.
Visit op-shops in these outskirts.
Find pretty things for Betty Jo designs. Buckles, buttons, doilies, swap cards.Have a nice morning tea by a river, and then stroll by said river.
Come home and make some brooches......Plan accomplished!Oh, and another thing accomplished...I found a pretty cool shopping bag ( I am soo tired of my green bags) It's stretchy and quite roomy.Now to find half a dozen more!


  1. This is one of my favourite treats. My sister and I hit the road every few months and do about 6 thrift shops in about 4 country towns. What fabric we find we usually share and I find four eyes are better than two for sportting the diamonds in dust.

  2. sounds ace
    have fun
    that bag is rockin'

  3. love the bag..
    i'm very over the green bags.
    i have a very bright "dora the explorer" one at the moment...

  4. Good finds you lucky thing! I have a couple of old string bags but I do get into an undignified tangle with them, especially if my purse falls to the bottom. And getting the shopping out can be a challenge - but who cares when they look so pretty! t.x

  5. Sounds like a lovely morning! And by the looks of it it was well worth it. Great scores!

  6. Now, that bag is cool. I too am over the green bags and have made a couple but now I'm on the lookout for one like yours. Dora x

  7. As I spoke about with an acquaintance the other day..If you could produce a Great and stylish re-useable shopping bag you would make a fortune!!

  8. you're so lucky. I NEVER find swap cards at op shops.


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