Thursday, September 18, 2008

C-A-T spells Cat

I was thinking about some of the very gorgeous buttons I have used on my jewellery and I remembered this super cute cat button I used on a Claude a while ago. It was snapped up quick smart by a customer, and I wonder if it was because of the button.

I have been making a few cat brooches for an order from The Australian Museum Shop in Sydney . These two are with a beautiful cat softie I swapped with Bettina from PussyCat Black in Brunswick. Made from an old table cloth by "Foch Space".I don't collect cats as such, but have a few special black cat figurines about the place like this Avon purfume bottle called Tabitha. The colonge is called Moonwind , and it isn't too bad.
And these guys in my daughters bedroom.


  1. i have a black cat from my Nana and I love it. I can remeber looking at it as a kid when we visited. There is something special about the black ones

  2. That is a gorgeous button- Love all your cats.

  3. Hi Betty Jo
    I just recieved a giveaway from Sam at APRILMAY and she included a delightful postcard made by you :)
    I have to say the card is lovely but what really intrigues me is your name?
    You see I was blessed with the given name SARAH-JO :)

    anyway off to explore your blog it looks very interesting!

  4. was because the gorgeous button was on your gorgeous brooch!! Isn't it funny how little collections just accumulate around the hosue without you knowing! I have a few cats! I have no idea how they got here. The same was as the ducks and baboushkas and bambi's get the picture?! t.x

  5. i seem to have a collection of ducks if anything.which is strange as i have never bought any. people seem to give them to me...are they secretly trying to tell me something?
    love the button thou it is very unusual...

  6. I think more than three of one item constitutes a collection??!!So that means I have dozens of collections, but please stop me if I get so carried away I need a dedicated room to store them those spoon ladies or model train men.


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