Friday, September 19, 2008

Mary Janes

Bleeding Knee print by Pepperminte. Me likey! Because this reminds me of me at primary school. I actually think the blood looks excellent, as opposed to real life blood which makes me go blurry behind the eyes. Have a look at these real bloody knees (or is it fake????)
Me today. Fresh op shopped frock and Dick and Dora birdy brooch.
Lily yesterday.Very cute carpet from here.


  1. ohhhh...
    so love mary janes i would have them in every colour if i could.unfortunately i have very wide toes and the only shoes that are even remotely comfortable are colorados so i end up with only one pair per season.
    for my school years i had purple knees from that horrible violet stuff that parents put on there kids glad we don't do that anymore. but i'm sure it must of worked...

  2. That is a cool carpet and the print is cool also... great post!


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