Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bird's Nest

After witnessing how destructive and domineering myna birds are, I decided to remove their nest in the vine on my fence and patch up as many nooks and crannies in our eaves as I could.
I must say the nest is an amazing bit of craftsmanship, and was a perfect prop for some starling brooches. ( I believe starlings are classified as introduced pests too, but Lino starlings are nice).


  1. love the nest and there all look very cozy in it...

  2. They look lovely! I just adore your birdies!
    For a bit of Myna trivia - they're part of the Starling family!

    I feel a bit sorry for Indian Myna's, but I've also seen how invasive they can be. For some reason they aren't in my area, we have the native Noisy Mynahs instead, but my parents have heaps 5km down the road!


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