Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good for Gifts

Thanks to Hannah at Knick Knacks and Ric Rac, you don't have to fluff around trying to find cute and crafty gift tags this Chrissy. Just download and print some. From here. Then cut and fold and Voila!If you know someone that likes Owls, then a nice hand crafted Betty Jo Owl clock may be just the gift you're looking for. This guy is going to Kids In Berlin , where he will wait patiently to be adopted by a lovely owl fancier. Maybe it will be you!


  1. Oh wow! Your clock is gorgeous!

    I d/l those tags the other week - lovely aren't they!

  2. love the link for the christmas tags...cheers

  3. Such a clever clock!
    Those tags are simply too good to be true! How generous!

  4. Love the clock... and thanks for the tags link, yum.


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