Sunday, January 4, 2009

Other things...

That I want to (should) do in 2009.........
* keep the veggie garden going. It has been quite cool to think "Mmm I need a zucchini" and be able to scoot out the back and pick one. Same with tomatoes. Hopefully soon with eggplants.
*get a working in Studio routine going. Now I am working full time on Betty Jo I think I must imagine I am at real work, like teaching, and follow the clock a little more strictly. My 2009 Frankie calender will also be utilized.
*definitely go to Sydney. To see lovely M.i.L. who is 82. Take kids of course. Visit all the very excellent Betty Jo stockists, like the Museum of Sydney shop. (Look closely and see Sambo Scotty on their postcard)*see the Triffids & Friends at Hamer Hall (tickets just bought, weee!)

*keep blogging....cause it's fun.


  1. What a lovely list of Things To Do!

  2. i've been still keeping up with your posts and love the last few...sorry i couldn't comment but the word verification doesn't do spell check every well...
    but now i have a
    new keyboard...yah!!!

  3. I have some lino for you and soon there may be an even bigger amount. I don't know where I've got your email details so can you email me? Natalie


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