Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bunny Faces

After an early morning dash around to the shops to get the milk and paper (and a choccy bunny for a friend) I sat down with my morning ritual coffee( strong milky espresso ) and flipped through the A2 section of the Age, then got a wee surprise when this guy jumped off the page.
It was a year ago I featured Easter bunnies on Lino Forest and "whoosh" a whole year has gone past at lightning speed.
Yesterday I picked up a sweet tapestry from the oppy and gave it the chop to make this bunny brooch. It's sitting in my old Bunnykins bowl. This was my bowl as a baby so it has held much mashed pumpkin and stewed apples. Unfortunately my Mum used it to hold our pet rabbits food for a while(until Flopsy left this world) , so the colours have faded . I rescued it when my collecting sensibilities kicked in as a teenager.
I love vintage Bunnykins and have added a few more to the collection, but I haven't let them get flung off the highchair or licked by the pets. I'ts a wonder any survive.


  1. Wow, the tapestry brooch is great. And Bunnykins is so cute, I don't have any but it's a great collection to have.

  2. oh i love bunnykin...
    i had my bowl from when i was young until my mum got the collecting bug again and grabbed everyones back...oh well at least there in good hands...but i do miss mine...

  3. The white button tail and the pink heart-button nose make me smile. Op-shop tapestries will never look the same to me again. You are so clever.

  4. ooh I love the tapestry bunny! I saw your little article in the Age, so cool!

  5. I love that bunny brooch. I'm laughing because we have a Bunnykins bowl the exact same shape and I do use it to hold rabbit food - and yes it is faded!! The thing is, it's so sturdy and heavy that the rabbits can't tip it over, and it looks cute in the cage...


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