Monday, April 6, 2009

Cuckoo Clock and Swap Card Heaven

Just made Lino Cuckoo Clock with some serious doily adornment thanks to my latest oppy score.I visited my friend Jules on the weekend with the promise of a surprise I'd love. Now this could have been anything as she works at various Brotherhood op shops around Melbourne. The surprise was these three old school Swap card albums chocka block with swappies. Now the disturbing bit. She'd just saved them from being chucked out as the person sorting thought n0-one would want them. Oh, it makes my heart skip a beat just thinking of these in the bin.
Because of the quantity I can't take pics of them all, but lets just say all my girlhood favorites are there. It's funny how just two posts ago I mentioned my love affair with swapcards, and then yippee, these beauties come my way. Another "Betty Jo moment" I guess.
Big thanks to Jules and a Miss Kerryn Lacy who once owned the albums!


  1. Wow, that is op shop gold!! Your friend is a champion for saving them.

  2. looks just like the old albums I used to have - they must be at my mum's house somewhere! I recognize some of those cards as my favourites as well.

  3. Oh my heart skipped a beat - they were nearly thrown out!!! I have a bit of a paper thing myself and I just shudder to think at all the good things going to the tip as we trawl opshops are full of other (to my mind) less interesting stuff!!

    I had the girls with the flowers, and the lions but in more colours, and some owls I think.... good score, they have a good home now!

  4. I love your new Cuckoo Clock - its fabulous! Your swapcard surprise is amazing - lots of inspiring pattern.

  5. Oh my gosh! I must go to my parents and rescue my albums - I have two like that and I definitely recognise several of the cards!

    Lovely :)

  6. Congrats on the fab find. I often wonder how much great stuff is being thrown out by the old ladies volunteering at op shops. I once went to my local and saw a pose doll in a box on the front step. They wouldn't sell it to me because it hadn't been priced yet. I went back a couple of hours later to enquire about it and nobody could find it... until one of the old ladies said she'd put it in the bin... after all... it was made in japan. (they still hold their old prejudices!).


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