Thursday, April 2, 2009


You might have guessed by now I love Swapping.
I have a love affair with swap cards carried over from girlhood. Now I'm a big girl I love crafty swaps with other big girl crafters!
My loot from the Stitches and Craft Show and my Made with love by Hannah skirts are testament to my addiction to lovely crafty swaps.
One of my recent O.S swaps was with EvolPixies Supply. A HUGE pile of swap cards (and I'm talking classic old school beauties like the ones below ) for a Betty Jo cuckoo clock brooch.Another swapped treat arrived in the mailbox yesterday. My brooches from Sophie of Her Library Adventures fame. The Betty Jo owl below was swapped for these cuties. Yes, one says "I heart Lino" and that would be for me. The autumny one says "I love life" and that's for my Mum.And for the Swap to beat all swaps, Sally from GeorgieLove has organized Swapapalooza 2009 the mega giant and global mix CD and Craft Swap. And I'm so in!


  1. I LOVE coming over here Liz and seeing all the colourful goodies you have. Love Sophie's brooches too, and those sawap cards - wow!

    I imagine your house and studio is fabulously colourful!! I'd love to see some pix one day.

    p.s did I email u back re: owlie? prob not... forgetful I am. So, thanks for ok - will keep you posted...

  2. Yes, my studio and house are pretty colourful. If you can maneuver around the "Stuff" you might be able to actually see things.
    Now where's my scissors ?!?


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