Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crafty Mecca !?!

I love receiving random emails from "friendly" strangers. Last week a girl from Brisbane sent me a link to this guy for sale on eBay. She wrote: "Why email a stranger with this, I have no idea! It's a kooky day! Haha"The weird thing was she hadn't even seen my guys. Then even weirder still , the little window gallery around the corner from me in Thornbury "The Dolls House" had just installed this piece called Cosy Cottage.If you can't see clearly from the photos, the artist has totally covered a dolls house with knitted tea cosies. It took my breath away.I have now dubbed Thornbury the Crafty Mecca of the North. It now hosts the Made'n'ThornburyMarket, is home (or in the vicinity of) lots of creative, artistic and musical people (have you been to the majestic Thornbury Theatre to see a gig yet?), and there will be a very lovely "vintagy, bric-a-brac adorned" cafe opening any day now next to The Dolls House gallery. I knew if I waited long enough "Fitzroy" would come to once daggy Thornbury.

P.S. For all the readers of the last post who think their old swap card albums might be still be at their Mum's...run and rescue them now before they get thrown out in an op-shop run, or soggy from a leaky garage roof, or eaten by creepy crawlies (all of which has happened to me)


  1. Yep Thornbury is definitely the crafty place to be. Must be why I'm visiting all the time!
    Those swap card albums are amazing. Thank goodness you rescued them from the tip.

  2. Great photos Liz, have you seen the new Biddy Bags cosies as well

  3. Hey Sharon, I thought the time was coming when Nanna teacosies hit the mainstream!

  4. Oh wow how cool is that. I might have to take a trip to Thornbury. I keep hearing and seeing such good craftiness from that neck of the woods!!


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