Monday, May 18, 2009

Caravan of Love

I love vintage caravans. Cute, bubble like, mobile holiday homes in pretty 50's hues, usually sporting authentic linoleum flooring and laminex bench tops.
Last year I ran a competition for readers to suggest a New Betty Jo design. One of my favorite suggestions was from Michelle - A 50's caravan. I played around with the idea for a while but never got it off the drawing board. Later Dick and Dora added this cool caravan brooch to their ABC series.Just recently I saw this funky piece from a collection by Victoria Mathews at Studio Ingot. This pic. was in Frankie, and on closer inspection I saw the sparkly Laminex was the same as some I am using in my new range, Lino Deco.
Then over at Michelle's new blog "Loving the Vintage"she unveiled her new brooch designs. Cute eh!


  1. ohhhhhhh love the little pink and white one...
    found a nice oval shaped one today...but the little old lady that lives in the house were it was, wasn't home...but I'm going to pop in everyday till I get her at home...and see if she wants to sell it...
    thanks for the plug...
    p.s you really should do a caravan...or a airstream all silver and shiny...

  2. I, too, love the caravan... even have lately been talking abt getting one, or a camper van, to move the mob about in.
    I can see how the cravan motif would work well for Betty Jo too - very kitsch.


  3. I have wanted a little round Bondwood caravan since I was a kid!! Still don't have one :( love Michelle's new brooch

  4. We'd better watch out... the bubble caravan will be the new donkey!

  5. oh man, i wish i knew where to find a caravan like that, it would be perfect for the road trip I'm going on soon!

  6. You've got to do a caravan BJ. My PIL's (parents in law) have got a great 50's caravan on a little block near the beach and we love going there - it sports some fabulous lino too, but it would take some serious negotiation to get the owners to part with it!!

  7. Woops, sorry, doing 2 things at once, that last post was from me.

  8. I saw that lino caravan in Frankie ... tres cool ... i love your stuff too


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