Thursday, July 30, 2009

Buttony Bunnies

These are two things I have a soft spot know about the first, and wabbits are pretty wonderful too. Look at these gorgeous buttons, and the cute fabric in flickettysplits softie "Earnest the Wabbit"(click on images for the source).
Yesterday I was pleased to get my hot little hands on a copy of "Handmade in Melbourne". And look, there's my Running Bunnies on a page about Betty Jo . (Filed under L for Liz)


  1. I adore bunnies too - Too Cute!
    I was thinking about buying the Handmade in Melbourne book - is it good?

  2. Hey Rie,
    It's ok. A very diverse mix of 200 craftspeople from high end designers to a few etsy beginners. I guess it's hard to put out a book
    knowing all the people there was no room for.
    But I guess they'll wait till issue 3.

  3. Well, good on you, it looks great. Love those bunnies!

  4. Congrats Liz. It's wonderful to see you getting lots of attention for your fabulous work.


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