Friday, September 4, 2009

New Arrivals

This "May I take your Coat" Brooch arrived here yesterday. It had been on a long journey. It was posted off for a Georgie Love customer a few months ago, so we can only guess where it's been ...hey Mr. Australia Post???? ( don't worry, I made another as soon as we realized it had gone AWOL.)
But Mr. Australia Post did do the right thing and delivered my Swapapalooza parcel from Canada.
Thank you Carolyn (no Blog?) for this very sweet and poignant painting. I'm calling her Madam Wind Swept. And for your sweet and charming mixtape, that I very much like.Yesterday I was in my studio listening to it with the window open enjoying the spring weather, when whoosh the storm blew in and whipped the song list up out of the cd case and blew it out the window where it got drenched. So if you read this Carolyn, could you maybe email me the list if poss. Thanks .
Yesterday I managed to acquire some lovely coloured Laminex which will come in handy for some exclusive designs for BODY. Have a look at their new collection and have a guess what I'm going to come up with.I love the colour palette...Pear, Geranium and Billberry. I think these samples reference them nicely.


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