Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pretty =Happy!

Some pretty things arrived in the post yesterday.
Miss Kerri-Ann from Loopi for you found this beautiful floral lino in her old kitchen hutch and was wonderful enough to think of me. It arrived in nice workable pieces from her house on the Mornington Peninsular (one of my favorite places). Thanks a bunch.
As you can see I wasted no time making a few feathered friends.Pretty Floral Linoleum
And my lovely Vintage Tin Mini Dress earrings came all the way from this Michigan Etsy shop.
I love the summery dress shape of them, the bits of wear on the edges, and how the "hangers" are actually ear posts.
And cleverly made from Re-cycled old tins.

But the most important reason I am pretty happy is that I've made it through "Blogtoberfest " with a post every day. I found some lovely new blogs and had a lot of new visitors.
So on this last "unofficial" long weekend of October, don't forget to enter the Lino Forest Giveaway.
Now I'm off to cut up an old white sheet for my son's "Mummy" bandages............I'll see you all in November.


  1. Ooh, an owl is my next purchase from you! Then i'll have an owl and a pussycat....

  2. Gorgeous coloured lino...
    And I love how brilant they look in your adorable!!!
    and I think I would like my ears pierced just to wear those sweet little cute...

  3. Will look out for you tomorrow at the blackeyed susans matinee gig. Mosh pit it! x o x

  4. gorgeous, betty jo! absolutely gorgeous....and those earrings, love them. i had two trick and treaters tonight, they were in skeleton suits.....they were my nephews! hope your sheet wearing folk had fun tonight.

  5. Digging those earrings. Too cool.

    The new lino is so pretty.

  6. Congratulations on Blogtoberfest, you are brave as I couldn't commit to such a feast. I've enjoyed all your posts :)

    The earrings are so cute and I could see you wearing them! Hope you have been well and hope to bump into you again soon during these sweet summery days!!

    I'm yet to start on the crochet owl pattern you sent me as life seems to be passing me by so quickly... hopefully I'll be crocheting again soon!!

  7. So glad the lovely lino arrived safely... and you've already used some of it!!


  8. HELLO! i just found your blog. I have been given 2 of your brooches as presents (from separate people) but never knew who made them... I love them so much!! they're so unique and so gorgeous... I get comments about them on a daily basis! keep up the lovely work x

  9. Thanks daily smudge,
    It's lovely to discover that Betty Jo brooches have found homes over the sea.
    The world is quite small at times....


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