Monday, November 2, 2009

First Past the Post

Pony Tableaux
I'm sorry to say, I don't get into the Melbourne Cup much anymore.
I can appreciate that folks enjoy going to town frocking up and having a merry old time.
I love the look of the beautiful sleek racehorses-I was pony mad as a girl(see pic. of me at pony camp) and still love to ride, but I've never fancied having a flutter on the gee gee's, and deep down I feel extremely "Anti horse racing". Similar to my feelings about animals in Circuses and other events where animals are exploited for profit.
But we won't focus on that because in Melbourne we just LOVE the Cup Day holiday!!!!!!!
And now it's time to announce the WINNER of the Betty Jo Giveaway.
Congratulations to Selina from Selina'sVintage. If you're not sure which piece to pick, I'll send you the Betty Jo catalogues so you can choose your brooch or pendant.
Thanks for all the wonderful comments about the Colour Collages.
Surprisingly, everyone had different favorites (making it very hard to decide the ones I'm going to print) but Red and Green and Orange were the popular choices.

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