Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Butterfly Effect

I've always subscribed to the concept of the "Butterfly Effect".Where small actions can change or determine subsequent events.
My "Sliding Doors" moment led me to where I am today. If I hadn't turned into Greville St. those twenty years ago, but just kept riding, I wouldn't have passed Mr. BJ walking along with his friends, exchanged shy smiles, and set balls rolling.
Have you experienced a small moment in time that altered your life's path?The Butterfly Effect
These Lino Butterfly Wall Hangings will be available at the Sisters Market next Saturday 13th Feb. at the Brunswick Town Hall. Come along and say hello!


  1. Liz, they're beautiful. I love the pinkish one.

  2. I've had one of those moments too. At the last minute, I changed my uni preferences. If I hadn't, then I would never had met ex MrCP.
    I can't see the butterflies because of my dodgy internet ... aggggghhhhhh

  3. Good film! Think I will add it my film list:) The yellow tone butterfly is my favourite, it would look cute as a brooch.

  4. I have just seen these butterflies - they are gorgeous!! Do you have any left for sale....or will they be at a market soon?


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